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Why Meetings Matter

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As you learned in our last post, meetings can quickly become a money-waster. But does that mean companies should scratch meetings completely? Well, no.

Face-to-face communication is invaluable in the workplace. An overwhelming majority of meeting attendees (92%) said they value the opportunity to contribute (Verizon). Continue reading

The Hidden Cost of Bad Meetings

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Next time you’re in a meeting, try to calculate the cost. A one-hour meeting between 10 employees earning an average of $30/hour adds up to $300 in salaries alone. Inviting one or two managers quickly escalates the cost. Meetings between several managers or executives may cost upward of $1,000 in salary (TED). This doesn’t even take into account the time spent preparing for the meeting! Continue reading

Infographic: Debugging the High-Potential Program

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Most of the pitfalls in HiPo programs are not easy fixes. They often require thorough revision of the procedures and practices in place. Nevertheless, improving these programs can be incredibly beneficial to both the company and its employees. Research and experience has revealed some of the most successful ways to find, develop, and engage high-potential talent.

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