New Year Resolutions

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As January rolls in, you’re likely ready for change and have your resolutions outlined. Unfortunately, only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. This is the year your resolutions become accomplishments. Here are a few ways to ensure that:


Make sure your goals are:


It’s not enough to identify your goal, you have to know how to get there. Utilize the SMART guidelines to define the goal you are aiming towards and the system (the how) that will get you there. Outline the steps needed, and don’t forget to include smaller daily steps.

BONUS: Identify the greater purpose of these goals. What will happen once you achieve them? How will your life be better? Don’t let the goal drive you, let yourself hunger for the “bigger picture” results.

Road Blocks

While mapping out your goal and system, identify any anticipated obstacles and how you will deal with them.

This is just one step in increasing your accountability. Reach out to friends and family if you feel you may need their support. Get them excited too, you don’t want to let them down.

One Day at a Time

Make small accomplishments daily. Even if you stumble, don’t let it set you back. Just as the year renews itself, so does the day. Set regular calendar reminders throughout the year to check-in on your resolutions.

This is your year. This is the year your resolutions become habits. When you make the right plan, hold yourself to it, and take it day by day, you can do anything.