Frank Hyson

Vice President, Finance & Accounting

Colleen Hooker

As VP of Finance & Accounting, Frank oversees the day-to-day operations of the corporate finance & accounting departments. He works alongside Senior VP Mimi Taylor, ensuring that financial processes run timely and accurately for all of Roth's specialized business lines across the country.

After graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College, Frank began his 20-year career in oil & gas, where he began as an engineer, drilling and completing wells across the Western United States. Frank advanced to Marketing Engineer before earning his MBA in finance, elevating himself to Finance Director before coming to Roth.

While staffing and gasoline may be very different lines of business, Frank embraces the human element of staffing and Roth Staffing Companies. Frank plays an active role in Roth's culture, leading his team and using his skills to "make life better for the people we serve." Frank remarks, "Roth truly lives and breathes their Mission, Vision, and Values. It is part of everything we do!"