Productivity Slam Dunk: March Madness and Beyond

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As March arrives, so does March Madness. The college basketball tournament is an exciting time of year for a lot of Americans, and it can have a big presence in your workplace. Last year, outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas estimated that more than 50.5 million American workers participated in office pools. All this excitement can lead to a lot of distraction, leading to a big dip in productivity. The loss of productivity in the opening week alone could cost employers nearly $4 billion in lost revenue.

The work has to get done, even through this exciting time. Below are a few tips on how to maintain your productivity without missing out. For those not interested in basketball, productivity can still be tricky, and these tips can be handy.

1. Digital Temptation

Keep your phone put away, especially if you have any sports or news apps on your phone. Texts from friends or updates on social media can suck you in and hold on. It’s best to avoid temptation all together.

2. Make a To-Do List

A great way to stay on track is to know what you’re aiming for. Physically write down a to-do list on a real piece of paper and reference it throughout the day.

3. Accountability Buddy

Team up with someone in your office to hold each other accountable. When you see one another drifting away from work, bring each other back.

4. Save it for Lunch Time

Arrange lunch times with others invested in March Madness. With a designated time, you can all discuss the happenings together and get your fix.

5. Take Tiny Breaks

Staying productive does not mean keeping your head down 8 hours a day – you’ll go crazy! It’s okay to take 5 minute breaks to recuperate and refocus, or even take a glance at the morning paper to check the bracket. Just be sure to practice personal accountability and get back to it.

Even if you’re not participating, these tips can be helpful for every day productivity. March Madness is fun and can help strengthen workplace relationships, but you don’t want to let down your organization.

You can have it all, it just takes a plan.