Leading with Gratitude

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The season of gratitude is before us. While we list things like our family and friends as what we are most grateful for, our workplaces often go forgotten. Only 10% of people say thank you to their colleagues on any given day, and 60% of people never express gratitude at work.

We seem to have a complicated relationship with gratitude. A Templeton survey found that 35% percent of respondents believed that expressing any gratitude could lead coworkers to take advantage of them. Yet, 70% would feel better about themselves and their work if they were thanked more regularly.

It’s up to you to start a gratitude revolution. Expressing thanks to your coworkers does not make you look weak, it makes you look like a leader. You are empowering those around you, and creating a better workplace.

Check out our tips for spreading gratitude.

For your Boss…

On a daily basis, only 7% express gratitude to their boss. And 74% never or rarely express gratitude to their boss at all. Your boss does a lot of hard work with little thanks, here are a few ways to thank your boss:

  • Rally your team together and have them sign a heartfelt card. You don’t have to wait for their Birthday or Bosses Day, sometimes a pleasant surprise makes it even better.
  • Bring them their favorite Starbucks order, and give them a sincere “thank you” when you deliver it.
  • Arrange a potluck lunch with your team to celebrate your boss. Sit and eat together family style. Have everyone propose a toast or say something kind about the boss.

For your teammates…

  • Coffee and Donuts are a classic. Bring them in and sincerely thank your teammates for all of their hard work.
  • Praise their work during team meetings and graciously thank them.
  • Take a coworker out to lunch one on one to celebrate an accomplishment or thank them for their help.

However you show gratitude, deliver it with sincerity and authenticity. Don’t go overboard, thanking for every single little thing, or go on autopilot, mindlessly tossing “thanks” around. Make it timely and sincere. Once you start showing gratitude, you will create a chain reaction, and giving thanks will spread like wildfire.