Our Ambassador of the Month

Brittany Williams, Downtown Los Angeles Adams & Martin Group

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Brittany Williams is an expert on service with a smile. As a Legal Assistant, Brittany works in Mediations and Arbitrations, assisting legal professionals. In a space where conflict is settled and parties are not always amicable, Brittany is always prompt and kind, organizing these interactions with an infectious positive attitude.

Brittany boasts an admirable work ethic, great communication skills, and a robust passion – so much so that the organization keeps extending her assignment!

Her team at Downtown LA Adams & Martin Group believes Brittany is a true Ambassador for both organizations, proudly representing Adams & Martin Group and her current assignment.

Recently, Brittany and the DTLA team had the opportunity to get together at the LA Justice Jog, benefiting the CASA organization. Brittany was in full enthusiastic support of her organization, and even took time to walk alongside Adams & Martin Group, thanking them for their help with her job search.

“Brittany has been a pleasure to work with,” says Brittany’s Adams & Martin Group representative Brooke Tyrell, “for us and the client!”