5 “Back to Work” Tips for a Happier You

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Notebooks: check.  Pencils: check.  Backpack: check.  Yep, it’s “back to school” time!  For many children, it’s an exciting time of making friends and learning new things.  As we grow older, many adults lose this sense of youth and enthusiasm for the back-to-work-day… but you don’t have to!  Approach work passionately and feel enthused at your job using the following “back to work” tips.

 1.      Learn continuously. If you’ve been feeling a bit bored in your role, consider approaching your manager and asking about new skills that could help you stretch your boundaries and grow in your position.  For instance, someone in a receptionist position may find it beneficial to master Microsoft Excel in order to create a tracking sheet of important calls coming into the office.  Broadening your skill set can make you more effective in your current role and also a more valuable candidate for future positions.

2.      Help the team, not just yourself. A successful employee knows that he or she wins when the entire team wins.  Try teaching others a skill that you’ve mastered, or assist a coworker on a challenging project!  These types of actions usually build a happier and more engaged working environment for everyone.

3.      Ask questions. Kids are curious about the world around them.  Adults can be as well, and striving to discover more can lead to new, exciting insights about your role.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions like:

  • What would benefit my team/department/organization?
  • Why do we do things this way instead of that way, and is this the most efficient procedure?
  • How can I leave things better than I found them?

4.      Connect with coworkers. Although adults may no longer enjoy recess time every day, establishing positive connections at work can help you become more engaged and enthused at work.  In one study, 51% of Top Performers who claimed to have a best friend at work said that they were engaged in the workplace, versus only 10% of Top Performers who didn’t have a best friend at work.  Take the time to connect with coworkers, however briefly.  Even the smallest interactions can lead to great relationships!

5.      Solve problems in new ways. Tradition can be a good thing, but sometimes it leads to complacency.  Inject new life into your workplace and enthusiastically approach problems from a new angle.  Proposing innovative solutions is a great way to become more proactive in your role and impress your team while having fun in the workplace!