Temporary Employment is Making a Comeback

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When you think of temporary employment, do you picture a montage of terrible jobs—assistant butcher, official stamp licker at your local post office, or zookeeper for a set of temperamental rhinos?

Thankfully, that’s not what today’s temporary employment looks like.

The workplace has evolved over the last few decades and so has temporary staffing. Traditional nine-to-five schedules no longer work for everyone. Additionally, the rise of technology has catalyzed a dramatic shift away from blue collar work. People no longer want just any job, but careers where they get to do what they love.

Temporary staffing firms have stepped in to satisfy a need for career flexibility—whether that means serving those who need seasonal work or providing test-runs for professionals wanting to try out a new industry. For many, temporary work is a path to improved long-term career satisfaction.

If you’re wondering whether temporary work could help you in your career, here are some common advantages of accepting a temporary assignment.

1.    Seasonal Work

Can’t commit to more than a few weeks? No problem! Assignments could be as short as a few weeks or they can go for a full year. Ask your recruiter about any assignments that span the length of your availability.

2.    Gaining Vital Experience

New to the industry? Recent grad with all the technical knowledge but no hands-on experience? A temporary assignment can help you get that important work experience to list on your resume. Talk to your recruiter about what skills you have that you want to put into practice.

3.    Test Runs

Maybe you’re interested in trying a new company or industry, but you don’t want to commit until you’re sure it’s right for you. Ask your recruiter about temporary-to-hire assignments. These give both you and your manager time to test whether the arrangement is a good fit.

4.    Avoiding Unemployment Gaps

It’s recommended to avoid long periods of unemployment on your resume since many hiring managers will see them as unfavorable. You can take a temporary assignment even while you continue to hunt for your dream job. Why not make some money while you search?

5.    Recruiters

The BIGGEST advantage of working with a staffing firm is having recruiters on your side. Even if you’re certain you want to switch jobs, searching and applying takes time and effort. A recruiter will do most of the heavy lifting for you. They will pitch your resumes to companies where you might be good fit and arrange interviews for you.