Why does workplace culture matter?

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Company culture can be the difference between loving your job and dreading every minute of it. But what exactly is culture?

A company’s culture is created by its values, policies, programs, and atmosphere.

For example, one organization’s culture could be fun and laid back, including after-work social groups and spaces where employees can take breaks away from their desks. On the other hand, another organization might have a culture that’s all about the hustle. These organizations might invest in industry conferences instead of after-work social groups. They might have more learning opportunities to lead projects but also more overtime.

No one culture is better than another. However, if your organization’s culture doesn’t meet your needs, it can quickly turn into a stressful situation.

So, what can you do to ensure you’re with the right company?

1.    Ask the right questions during your interview.

There’s no better time to find out about a company’s culture. Consider asking your interviewer where employees go for their break (do they take walks around the building or do they stay at their desks?), what the hours are like, and whether they participate in off-site events.

2.    Read reviews.

Websites such has Glassdoor and Kununu allow current and previous employees to leave reviews. Read enough of them to get a general sense of the culture. However, don’t let one bad review sway your opinion too much. A great culture fit for you is not necessarily a great culture fit for everyone.

3.    Check social media.

Find the company’s Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. Do they post pictures from fundraisers or networking events? What about celebrating individual employees’ accomplishments.

4.    Work with a recruiter.

Company culture is very important to us. That’s why our recruiters are trained to help match companies and job candidates that fit well together. When we help you find a job, we’re doing our best to find a company that fits your unique needs.