4 Ways a Staffing Company Can Help During Times of Uncertainty

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It’s an understatement to say that at the beginning of the year, nobody could have predicted the vast impact of COVID-19. We understand that organizations in high-demand industries, as well as those struggling to adapt to work-from-home arrangements, may need additional help in the coming weeks.

Our recruiters are here to help! For those struggling to hire, below are four ways a staffing firm could service organizations in need.

1. Ease the transition to WFH with temporary help desk staff

Across the nation, states and cities are demanding that non-essential businesses close their office spaces in order to stop the spread of the virus. However, the suddenness of these orders means many organizations were underprepared. Additional help desk staff means employees have someone to go to when they run into technical issues when working from home.

2. Address high demand

While some industries, such as restaurants, gyms, and theme parks, are having to lay off staff, other industries are struggling to meet the sudden high demand. For example, organizations are struggling to fill health care support and essential manufacturing/production roles. Because they have access to a large group of available candidates and have experience filling high-volume hiring needs, staffing firms can help fill these needed positions.

3. Scalable workforce

Temporary help allows you to scale your workforce with the ebb and flow of demand. If your team needs additional help now, but might not in the future, engaging temporary employees could help meet those demands strategically.

4. Direct hire

We might be facing unforeseen difficulties, but for many organizations hiring can’t stop. Unlike temporary employees, direct hire placements will be your employees. If you have internal positions you have been struggling to fill, a staffing firm can help you find, screen, and recruit qualified candidates.