Take a Work Break to Watch the Most Adorable Kids

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Roth Staffing has always taken Bring Your Kids to Work Day seriously. In fact, many believe it’s the cutest day of the year, with our smallest coworkers placing calls to the corporate office, creating their resumes, and recording their own VideoSelects.

This year, things were a little different. With our coworkers across the nation temporarily working remotely, this year we celebrated Bring Your Work to Kids Day!

The company-wide event took place on Thursday, April 23, 2020 and, of course, our little coworkers got all dressed up for the day, showing off their most fashionable professional outfits. Activities included creating a resume with their past work experience (extra credit was awarded for using crayons and markers), crafting the perfect answers to common interview questions, calling a “client” to practice their sales pitches, and recording a video doing their best impression of mom or dad at work.

Makaio, 9, and Malachi, 6, love going to work with their dad, Branch Manager Masato Takahashi. They are known for wearing matching outfits every year and for making bow ties look great!

Attendees at this year’s event included coworkers of all ages, from preschoolers to college students finishing their semester remotely. Among our youngest participants was 16-month-old Graysen who didn’t let the fact that she can barely reach the keyboard stop her from sending out lots of very important emails.

To check out all of little coworkers and see what they got up to on Bring Your Work to Kids Day, check out our Roth Staffing Facebook page.

Anyone interested in hosting their own Bring Your Work to Kids Day can download our activities sheet for free online.