How will re-opening affect when, who and how you hire?

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As organizations prepare to re-open and bring employees back into the workplace, there are a multitude of complex issues to be resolved and decisions to be made – from workplace set-up and scheduling to employee health and safety. Among these issues is hiring – or re-hiring – of employees to meet your law firm or legal department’s fluctuating demand. Many hiring managers and legal administrators will want to consider leveraging a flexible workforce as they adjust to this new phase.

Unfortunately, many organizations had to furlough or lay off employees during the initial stages of the pandemic amid stay-at-home orders. When businesses start returning to the workplace, though, it will not necessarily be possible – or prudent – to bring everyone back on board at once and simply try to return to the way things were in February. Returning to the workplace may require you to bring back associates in phases. Additionally, medical experts have warned of future waves of illness that could even cause another temporary shut-down. The last thing any employer wants to do is bring back a valued furloughed employee… only to have to put them on furlough again.

Then there are the employees who may not return. Even if furloughed with the agreement that their job would be waiting for them post-pandemic, some employees may have sought and found new work out of sheer economic necessity. Employers will need to find suitable replacements for these positions, adding the burden of recruiting and hiring to their already full to-do list.

The good news is that there are plenty of options to provide flexibility in your hiring, including the use of contract and short-term assignments, temporary employees, or even bringing your previous employees on our payroll until you can bring them back on your payroll full-time. Let’s take a brief look at how a flexible workforce can help you.

Take Advantage of Scalability

Until the country has settled into a new rhythm, it may be difficult for an organization to estimate what their workforce needs will be. Temporary staffing options allow you to scale your workforce up or down depending on demand. There are several unknown factors in the coming months. For example, no one can guarantee there won’t be another stay-home order if there is a resurgence of illness throughout the U.S. By hiring temporary employees, you can expand or shrink your workforce on demand, as well as extend or close assignments as needed. Additionally, with temporary employees, the staffing firm takes care of the hiring and payroll processes, so you’re not going to the expense and effort involved in hiring new employees.

Payrolling Services Offer Flexibility

A payrolling service is a great option if you know who you want to hire, but need another company to serve as the employer of record. For example, you can contract with a staffing firm like Adams & Martin Group to payroll your employees – they work for you, but Adams & Martin Group is their employer and therefore handles all the employment paperwork, insurance, employment taxes, and benefits, plus they manage payroll. This is one less expense and process for you to worry about, and provides your organization with flexibility to navigate the uncertain months ahead.

Dedicated Recruiters Can Focus on Hiring

Needless to say, organizations have a lot to figure out right now and in the coming months. Hiring is one of the many costly, time-consuming processes that will have to be addressed as business ramps back up. Given the high unemployment numbers, you’re likely to see significantly more applicants for open positions than you have in the past.

A professional recruiter can help employers sort through the flood of resumes, as well as coordinate the interviewing and screening processes. An essential part of any good legal recruiter’s job is networking with top legal talent, which means they may already be connected to job seekers who are right for your open roles. Letting a professional recruiter handle this aspect of your business frees you up to focus on the many complicated matters involved in getting your workplace running again.

Consider the New Candidate Pool

Less than three month ago, the U.S. unemployment rate was at a record low. One of the biggest challenges for many organizations was recruiting candidates to fill their open positions. Today, of course, the market looks very different. Many organizations have had to furlough or lay-off a significant portion of their employees. While some have attempted to keep their top performers, others have had no choice but to part ways – even if temporarily – with their best.

For law firms and legal departments that are in a financial position to hire, this is a rare opportunity. Talented legal professionals who may not have entertained the idea of a career change just a few months ago might now be in the opposite frame of mind. Whether they are in need of new employment or considering opportunities in a more stable industry, professionals are available in ways the market hasn’t seen in quite some time. Savvy employers may choose to invest in new talent as their organizations weather the storm, with plans to emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever – powered by top talent in their ranks.

Remote Contract Legal Support

While getting back to the office is a major focus for many law firms and legal departments, remote work in the post-pandemic is likely to become a growing trend. Remote contract legal support and remote document review teams have been widely used during the pandemic and will probably continue to be a popular option in the interest of safety and efficiency. You can be prepared by partnering with a legal staffing

firm that has experience and resources to meet your needs. Adams & Martin Group’s Litigation Solutions team is geared up to meet this growing demand. They specialize in assembling and managing remote document review teams, providing laptops for remote attorneys as well as software to help ensure document security.

What’s next? A resource for your re-opening plan

No matter what challenges you need to tackle before returning to the workplace, step one is formulating a plan. Check out our latest eBook for information on all the major factors to consider, with tips on how to prepare your workplace for social distancing, how you can help protect employees, how other companies are creating their strategy, and more.