Creative Halloween Alternatives for a Spooky Fun Time

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In a year that feels like the plot of a bad sci-fi movie, it could be difficult to feel festive as we approach Halloween.But after being cooped up inside for all of spring and summer, a bit of spooky fun might be just what you and your coworkers need to keep spirits high.

Get Witch-crafty

If your office has encouraged costumes in the past, put your best fangs forward by joining your Zoom calls in costume! Try collaborating with your team to pick a frightful theme – but it might be best to avoid the toilet paper mummies this year. Invite household members in on the fun, especially the little ones who will get to safely parade around in their costumes. If costumes aren’t really your thing, you can decorate the home office with orange lights, jack-o-lanterns, and paper ghosts or bats.

May the Best Monster Win

Unleash your competitive side with a contest. Show off your costume designing, face painting, pumpkin carving, pie baking, or cake decorating skills with some friendly competition. This is a great way to get clients and other departments involved since contests need judges! You can even add trivia questions to your marketing materials to encourage responses and keep your connections engaged.

Let the Skeletons Out of the Closet

Take a trip down memory lane by sharing childhood pictures or traditions. With remote teams calling in from every corner of the country, we are given the opportunity to get a glimpse at different ways of celebrating across geographic, cultural, and generational boundaries.

Do you remember the most popular costumes from high school? What was the first horror movie you saw in theaters? What candy did you seek out trick-or-treating (and perhaps now sneak from your kids)? Did your family used to make a special meal or bake a certain treat around this time of year, even if you didn’t celebrate Halloween? Reminisce, share a laugh, and stay connected.

Scaring is Caring

This year has been challenging for different people in different ways. Welcome the season of giving a little early by:

  • Donate supplies to local essential businesses – hand sanitizer, hand soap, gloves, paper goods, cleaning supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE) are still hard to keep stocked at healthcare centers, schools, and post offices. Gather supplies from your team or customers and create supply baskets to disburse in your community.
  • Check-in with your neighbors – a hand-written card can mean the world to an elderly neighbor who cannot see their grandchildren this year. Bake some seasonal goodies and leave them on your friend or coworker’s doorstep with a note about how much you appreciate them.
  • Plan a group study call or offer tutoring – reach out to other parents in your child’s class and set up a virtual study session. Plenty of parents are trying to juggle jobs on top of the full-time job of parent and caretaker. If you have experience teaching or tutoring, offer your services by reaching out to learning centers and schools in your area.

However you decide to celebrate Halloween this year, make sure to do so safely!