Our Company Purpose is "To make life better for the people we serve." This extends beyond our profession and challenges us to make a difference in our community.

In 2016, Roth Staffing Companies is focusing on five initiatives to help make life better in our local communities.

  • HEART HEALTH - Our partnership with the American Heart Association involves every coworker in every branch office nationwide
  • 50,000 DOLLARS - Contributed by our local branches to support charities in their local community
  • 10,000+ HOURS - Volunteered by Coworkers to help local non-profit organizations
  • AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS - Our entire Roth Family actively works to spread awareness about important issues and motivate others to help.
  • (Re)PURPOSE:FULL - Our internal green initiative holds us accountable to do small everyday things that will impact the world around us

Purpose:full is our charity program. We hope you will join us as we partner with local non-profits and community organizations that make a difference. Please visit www.purposefull2016.org to view updates on how you can be involved in this initiative with events and awareness campaigns.