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  • About Process Adapt

    Our goal is to present candidates who meet your expectations and will be the right fit for your organization.

    We accomplish this through our proprietary system – Process Adapt™ - the only formalized needs analysis in the staffing industry. Perfected over two decades, Process Adapt™ consists of a series of Extension Profile™ questions specifically designed to uncover the traits and soft skills of your ideal applicant.

    This allows us to better gauge the best fit for your needs and your workplace. Our perception of quality is shaped by yours and continually adapts over the years.

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    How you benefit from Process Adapt™

    Fewer wasted

    Better quality

    A shorter
    hiring process

    Roth Staffing Value #3:

    Our commitment to quality is uncompromising. We recognize that it is not our own, but our customers' perceptions of quality that are most important.

    Process Adapt™ enlivens this core concept through a formal structure that enables us to act as an extension of your recruiting function. We refine that process throughout the duration of our relationship, presenting only candidates that meet your unique requirements.

    125% Performance Guarantee

    We’re so committed to your satisfaction and confident in our methodologies that we offer a 125% Guarantee: We will refund you any billing incurred for non– productive time provided by an Ambassador on assignment at your work place in the event they don’t work out for your organization, plus an additional 25% back.

    How can we afford to offer this?

    • Because rarely are we in a position where we need to implement it!
    • We want to alleviate any uncertainty you may have in using our services
    • As a true business partner to you, our focus on your hiring managers’ expectations, beyond the job description, allows us to produce the best fit
    • Your hiring capital needs to be spent wisely in today’s market, so why not spend it on a staffing firm that guarantees their candidate
  • Skills Assessments

    Skills assessments support our efforts to place only the most qualified professionals.

    Adams & Martin Group uses industry-leading skills assessments by SHL through their TalentCentral™ platform, to help ensure that we bring forward the best candidates for your open positions.

    SHL offers hundreds of assessments across a wide spectrum of skills in various roles and industries. The assessments are intuitive and mobile-friendly, making it easy for both candidates and administrators to use.

    Adams & Martin Group will work with you to design unique skills assessment packages for each position, ensuring that each candidate possesses the learned skills, problem solving, situational judgement and cultural fit that you company requires.

  • Quality Assurance

    Your perceptions of quality are most important to us. We want to provide you with the best service you have ever had. To ensure we are continuously on track, we have a department solely dedicated to measuring your experience with us, the Customer Experience Department.

    Ensuring Adams & Martin Group Quality

    The Customer Experience Department independently measures your experience through emailed online surveys. This includes your perception of the quality of candidates, service and account management. We believe by listening to your needs and experiences we can best meet and exceed your expectations.

    With the information gathered by our Client Experience Department we can isolate areas that require improvement, create action plans and also reward excellent performance.

  • Benefits to Ambassadors

    At Adams & Martin Group, we are dedicated To make life better for the people we serve. For our Ambassadors, this means providing them with a comprehensive array of benefits, career development opportunities and treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve. After all, they are the true representatives of our company and must be passionate about the work they do for you in order for us to fulfill our Promise to you.

    Benefits Include*:

    • 401(k) Plan
    • Bonus Plans (referral bonus, assignment completion bonus, annual recognition bonus)
    • Competitive Wages
    • Employer-Contributed Medical Benefits
    • Holiday Pay (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day)
    • Premier Program (guarantees a minimum of 35 hours of work per week)
    • Recognition Program (rewards service achievement and tenure after 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 hours)
    • Direct Pay (Direct Deposit, Pay Cards)
    • Business Cards

    *Benefits eligibility is dependent upon a variety of factors, including division, Ambassador classification, and industry. An Ambassador's service manager can identify the programs for which they are eligible. The Company reserves the right to modify or eliminate any of its non-legally mandated benefits at any time.


    The Ambassador Program® is Adams & Martin Group’s unique, proprietary system that equips our temporary employees with tools to effectively communicate with our customers. From the very beginning of an assignment, they will understand the customer’s needs – and even what they don’t want!

    The result is a temporary employee – an Ambassador – who is engaged and passionate…ultimately delivering a truly remarkable experience.

    The Ambassador Program® leads to

    Better Understanding of Expectations

    Improved Communication with Supervisor

    Higher Client Satisfaction

    How do we know the Ambassador Program has such a positive impact?

    Our internal surveys show that when temporary employees follow our Ambassador Program, they self-report higher levels of satisfaction throughout their assignment. In addition, our surveys show that business clients also report higher satisfaction when we implement the Ambassador Program.

    When independently surveyed, our Ambassadors love to share their positive working experiences with our company, as evidenced by our being named “Best Staffing Firms to Temp For” by Staffing Industry Analysts and “Best of Staffing™ – Talent” by Inavero.

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