Ambassadors throughout the country are saying great things about Adams & Martin Group.
Here are a few examples:

I would like to give my sincere thanks for ALL of your hard work over the past few months. I am very grateful for everything you have done! Before I sent my initial email to your branch at my friend's recommendation, he told me that Adams & Martin Group was an exceptional company full of people who give their all to help their applicants. I can honestly say I've experienced this exceptional help first hand and I'm happy I decided to send that email. Even if this assignment lasts only one month and they have no further need for me, I can say that you have gone above and beyond to help me and that means more to me than I can say!"

Logan Cain

Ambassador, Dallas

"Community: After several discouraging experiences with other firms, I was pleased to meet with two Adams & Martin Group representatives who made me feel that my qualifications were credible and that my experience validated the salary I was looking for in my future workplace. Both representatives knew the field well and were informative about what companies in the industry were looking for on a professional level.

Friendship: Since starting at the position that I found through Adams & Martin Group, I've met people invaluable to helping my growth within the workplace and as a person. I look forward to going into the office and I smile with a feeling of satisfaction.

Expertise: I feel that the information provided to me from Adams & Martin Group was accurate. Any question, large or small, was answered promptly and with confidence. Ensuring me that what I was seeking to obtain in a work environment was possible, and giving me the materials I needed to actually participate in selecting my future employer, were both key elements in what I feel are part of my successes so far.

Trust: I feel confident enough in Adams & Martin Group to forward their information on to fellow colleagues who are ready for a transition or even to family members who are searching for employment.

Loyalty: There was plenty of communication between the staff as well as with me when I was searching for potential employment opportunities. Extra work was never done or duplicated and the determination to find me the perfect position was unparallel to any job search experience I have had in the past."

Veronica Garcia

Ambassador, Costa Mesa

"This is a thank you from a VERY grateful Ambassador. I had to pass along my gratitude to your company as a whole and give a special commendation to your staff. In this tough economic downturn, Adams & Martin Group never forgot about me and, for months, persisted in finding me a great position. I had registered with over half a dozen staffing firms, and your staff were the only ones who came through.

I will be starting at a new position thanks to Adams & Martin Group. I have been a legal secretary for over 20 years and I have wanted to work for in-house counsel for a long time. Now I can look forward to the job, work with a good team of lawyers and support staff, and do the work I love.

I cannot thank Adams & Martin Group enough for what they have done for me. They have, quite simply, changed my life. The enormity of that statement cannot be stressed enough!"

Carol Cheney

Ambassador, San Francisco

"I want to share the incredibly positive, life-altering experience I've had and continue to enjoy working with the super team at the Adams & Martin Group. Yes, life-altering and that doesn't even begin to describe the career placement they accomplished on my behalf.

Among the great things about working with the Adams & Martin Group team is the way they all worked together interchangeably and seamlessly. They willingly shared connections and helped with my reference checking to successfully place me with a large law firm as a Real Estate Paralegal. Whenever I drove to their office to pick up a check while on a temporary assignment, the team would personally take the time to bring my check out to me in limited valet parking. The team always called or answered the phone with helpful updates. Knowing that each of these very capable, extraordinarily positive professionals remains totally committed to my life-long career success and personal job satisfaction is far more rewarding than a paycheck.

The great professionals at Adams & Martin Group obviously inspired just as much confidence and in my prestigious law firm employers because I was hired after being the only person interviewed. That proves how capable these respected professionals are! In fact, I don't think of my hire as the end of a connection, but as the beginning of a valued professional relationship.

Over the years, I, as well as my friends, have had encounters with other staffing companies. I call them encounters because they were so different from the personal, encouraging and great relationship I found at Adams & Martin Group. They deserve every accolade and endless applause. They know they have my deepest appreciation on a level far above and beyond this exciting career move. Adams & Martin Group, as a whole, helped me attain this outstanding career placement which is already proving to be the most rewarding use of talents and skills yet. They really delivered!

I truly believe anyone who works with Adams & Martin Group can trust them to care for their career in ways that are truly life-altering.

Carol Morgan

Paralegal, Costa Mesa

"What I would like to say about Adams & Martin Group can be summed up in one word – Expertise. When I interviewed with Adams & Martin Group, they wanted to know exactly what I was looking for in a career and how they could make that happen. They listened to what I had to say, understood it and responded with the correct opportunity. They made me believe that I could return to the profession that I loved in the past and really be successful. The firm that I interviewed with was a law firm I really wanted to work for. A few days later, Adams & Martin Group called and told me that they wanted me to start working with them on a temporary to permanent basis, which of course I gladly accepted. It is now six months later and I am now a Legal Secretary at the law firm. This, of course, would not have happened without the dedication, expertise & drive of Adams & Martin Group. I have all the love in world for Adams & Martin Group of Downtown Los Angeles."

Curtis S. Wilson

Attorney, Sacramento

"Adams & Martin Group's efforts in placing me at my new firm were outstanding. I cannot recommend them enough. They showed great patience and tremendous understanding in my transition process. In many ways I feel they made the impossible, possible. In my opinion, their greatest skill is their ability to communicate with others, creating bridges where only barriers existed."

Ryan Seeley

Attorney, Sacramento

"Adams & Martin Group is a top-notch legal recruiting firm. My recruiter kindly supported me during every step of my relocation from the east coast to northern California. Her diligence in making sure that I was fully prepared for each phase of the recruiting process led to my job offer from one of the top law firms in the world."


Attorney, Palo Alto

"Adams & Martin (specially my recruiter) did an outstanding job in facilitating my employment transition. I was impressed with my recruiter's professionalism throughout the process and her candid advise. My recruiter made herself readily available and I truly felt that she placed my needs high on her priority list. I would highly recommend and refer other transitioning attorneys to work with Adams & Martin."

Oliver Lee

Attorney, Los Angeles

"The staff at Adams & Martin Group befriended me and genuinely cared and respected me as a person, friend and employee. They listened to my questions, concerns and wishes for the type of placement most beneficial to my future. Adams & Martin Group's compassion and conscientiousness is rare and appreciated. I owe my employment – and without exaggeration, the last year of my life – to the openness and hard work of Adams & Martin Group – and most importantly as a friend."

Amy Josephs

Ambassador, Century City

"I have received excellent assistance and feel welcomed. Not only has Adams & Martin Group helped me to understand the current job market, but also my needs in looking for the most appropriate employer. Adams & Martin Group maintains contact with me regarding my placement experiences and follows up. Your confidence and positive attitude eased much of my concerns."

Lewis Knox

Ambassador, Phoenix

"I have applied with two other staffing companies and, in comparison, your personal and professional attention to my situation is noted and greatly appreciated. Not knowing what to expect, your supportive attitude made me feel comfortable and excited to start this new chapter in my life."

Katie Martin

Ambassador, St. Louis

"Adams & Martin Group not only made sure I was well-prepared for my interview, but they gave me a thorough understanding of what to expect. In fact, they gave me so much preparation and information that I got over my jitters and nervousness, which made the interview easy and relaxed."

Andrew St. Onge

Ambassador, San Jose

Now a successful manager

"I can count on Adams & Martin Group to find a job that best fits me. They are always flexible and an absolute delight to work with. They have taken away a lot of the stress that comes along with job searching. I do not know what I would do without Adams & Martin Group!"

Megan Gluhan

Ambassador, San Jose